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I have dived with Nancy and assisted in her Scuba classes. Without qualification I can say Nancy is a good teacher and I would gladly trust my loved ones to her as students. She explains the material clearly and with good humor. She has a heavy emphasis on diving safely and shares her enjoyment of diving. She brings years of diving experience to her classes and presents material in a number of ways to make sure her students understand and master the fundamentals of open water scuba diving. If you are interested in getting certified to enjoy the underwater world, sign up for one of Nancy's classes.  I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Mike T.

I have wanted to get my dive certification for many years. I am so glad I took my first classes with Nancy. Her love of scuba diving and helping people learn how to dive was present in every class. She is a patient and engaged instructor with a wonderful sense of humor and humility.
She is very generous with her time and knowledge. In our first open water dive the conditions in Monterey were really poor visibility. We had to return a second time to get that first set of dives in. She was most concerned that we have a great first experience and start our life as Certified divers with a love and appreciation for the sport. In addition, her involvement with the local dive community opens up opportunities to go on dive trips and become involved with other diving enthusiasts. I have already referred several friends who have been interested in diving to her classes.

Phil K.

Tina Q.

Nancy has helped me through a terrible fear I've had for over fifteen years. She is wonderful, patient and kind. She is the only
Instructor I will ever recommend.

This Guy

Can't talk; gone diving.


[SFX: Bubbles, regulator noise and muffled giggles.]​​